Smile Improvement

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Cosmetic Dentistry Options for Improving Your Smile

At Bruce M. Cable, DDS under Riverdale Dental Center PC, we do a comprehensive exam to determine how the combination of cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics can improve your smile and help you look and feel great.

We provide personalized cosmetic dentistry services to meet each individual's needs. From dental implants to simple teeth whitening procedures, our experienced staff offers safe and effective cosmetic dental procedures to help you enjoy your smile even more.

Cosmetic Dentistry Options

• Teeth whitening
• Crowns
• Bridges
• Veneers 
• Restoration 
• Cosmetic bonding 
• Chipped tooth solutions
• Dental implants

Handling All of Your Dental Needs

Bruce M. Cable, DDS under Riverdale Dental Center PC can also assist you with general dentistry services, orthodontic options, oral surgery procedures, and dentures and implants.

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Teeth whitening
Teeth restoration

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  • Kind and compassionate dental care
  • Comprehensive consultations
  • Relaxed, family-oriented atmosphere
  • Comfortable, neighborhood dental practice

5 stars
I have been a patient of Dr Cable for over 20 years and have always received excellent care. He always answers my questions and advises me on the best steps to take for any dental concerns. He has never preasured me into doing procedures I may not need but at the same time he does let me know the health advantages of having certain procedures done. He and his staff always make sure I am comfortable and not in any pain when having dental work done. I started taking my son to him when he was a child and he also is still a patient of Dr Cable. Whenever an emergency arises, we know we can count on him. Thank you Riverdale Dental. Five stars

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