Effective Orthodontic Procedures

Bruce M. Cable, DDS under Riverdale Dental Center PC can also help you get the best clear aligners from Invisalign to help straighten out your smile without the wires.

Clear orthodontic options are becoming a more popular option for people who need orthodontic care but don't want the hassle of wearing traditional wire braces.

The Benefits of Orthodontics

If you have naturally beautiful white teeth but they are not properly aligned, you may never be completely happy with your smile. Bruce M. Cable, DDS under Riverdale Dental Center PC can help you align your teeth for the perfect smile by using Invisalign clear aligners.

Our friendly and experienced staff will examine your teeth and provide you with options for determining the best orthodontic procedures to meet your specific needs.

Complete Dental Care

We can also provide you with a number of general dentistry services, oral surgery procedures, and dentures and implants.

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Dental procedure

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5 stars
I recommend Riverdale Dental for a number of reasons the first being that Dr. Cable is so knowledgeable and he really works with you, no matter what your budget is. He is very patient and makes sure your work is done right. Also his staff is so nice and respectful and Cindy is my girl! I recommend that you give him a try!
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