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General Dentistry Options

General Dentistry Options
Bruce M. Cable, DDS at Riverdale Dental Center PC is here to assist you with all of your general dentistry needs and much more.

Call 708-849-3232 to schedule your appointment today!

General Dentistry Services

Orthodontics and More

Orthodontics and More
Our team can help you to restore your dental health and get the smile you want.

We can also work closely with other specialists to ensure the end result is exactly what you envisioned!

Orthodontic Possibilities

Excellent Customer Care

Concerned Customer Care
We understand it is difficult to visit a dental office, we want to assure you that your visit will be a pleasant one and we will strive to answer your questions, calm your fears and show you how we can improve your life.
Our staff is also bilingual for the convenience of our Spanish-speaking customers.
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